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    MAWO Picket Line Against the Canadian War Drive Targets the Canadian Forces Recruiting Center. . . two weeks in a row!

    By Kira Koshelanyk
    On Thursday July 14th, 2005 General Rick Hillier, Chief of Defense for the Canadian government exposed for all the Canadian government’s imperialist face and role in the occupation of Afghanistan. He spoke frankly as the mouth-piece for the racist war machine describing the Afghan people as “detestable murderers and scumbags”, saying that the Canadian military “has to be able to go places and kill people” and clarifying, by announcing the deployment of 2000 more Canadian troops to Afghanistan, that those people would be Afghans. On Thursday July 21st and 28th Mobilization Against War & Occupation’s (MAWO) “Operation: Canada Out!” campaign organized a response to the revving engines of the Canadian imperialist war drive by holding two emergency pickets targeting the Canadian Forces Recruitment Center downtown Vancouver.

    The pickets dominated the sidewalk in front of the recruitment center with a large banner reading “Canada Out of Afghanistan!” The picketers circulated in front, holding picket signs and informational leaflets and newsletters to hand out. The pickets reached dozens of people who walked by, stopped to listen to antiwar statements made by community speakers, and signed the petitions demanding Canada Out of Afghanistan and Haiti. Protesters chanted almost continuously while picketing, making their presence not only highly visible but also audible for people downtown Vancouver. .

    On top of the “Operation Canada Out!” petition campaign (which has collected more than 7,000 signatures against the occupations of Afghanistan and Haiti), MAWO will continue with the series of protest pickets against the Canadian war drive to organize against imperialist war and occupation at home and abroad. .

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