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    For the 16th consecutive Year
    International community rejects the US blockade against Cuba

    By Tomás A. Granados
    With the news from Granma and added news from Cuba News Agency (ACN) Cuba has won a resounding victory in its sustained resistance to the economic blockade imposed by the United States by receiving the virtually unanimous support of the world community to its demand to put an end to that measure.

    In the vote on a resolution at the end of the debate in the UN General Assembly on the issue of the U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba, 184 of the 192 member states of this international organization asked Washington to halt that practice.

    For Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque this is a historic victory that has special value given that it took place just a few days after President George W. Bush called on the international community to support his blockade policy.

    The resolution passed today for the 16th consecutive time highlights the "Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States on Cuba."

    As was the case in last year’s debate, the U.S. vote against the resolution was accompanied by Israel, the Marshall Islands and Palau, plus the abstention of Micronesia.

    Last year, the resolution against that coercive measure imposed on Cuba by the U.S. government had 183 votes in favor, in itself a record compared to earlier years.

    More than 20 countries and representatives of UN groups, including the Non-Aligned Movement, the G-77, CARICOM and MERCOSUR expressed their positions against the blockade during the debate.

    Media outlets throughout the world echoed the overwhelming UN vote in favor of the Cuban resolution against the U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade of the island.

    The event hit Mexico's La Jornada's first page under the headline the United Nations Fully Support of Cuba, accompanied with a photo of foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque, taken while addressing the GeneralAssembly.

    Also the Mexican daily Milenio dubbed the results of the vote overwhelming. The article notes that the number of UN member nations supporting Cuba has increased from 59 in 1992 to 184, this year 2007.

    In Bolivia, the most important news agencies reported the Cuban victoryat the United Nations, including the Bolivian News Agency (ABI), which highlighted that for 16th consecutive year the Cuban resolution has been supported by the General Assembly, with the vote of 184 countries, out of a total of 192 members.

    In related news, Cuban ambassador to Angola, Pedro Ross, said the UN vote is an expression of worldwide rejection against the anti-Cuba policy maintained by Washington.

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