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    Free Trevor Miller, Prisoner of War, Political Prisoner in Canada!

    By Aaron Mercredi
    Trevor Miller is a Six Nations Mohawk of the Turtle Clan and a father of three young children. He is also one of the many Indigenous people who stood their ground to defend the people at Kanehstaton (The Protected Place), also known as the Six Nations Land Reclamation near Caledonia, Ontario. On August 8th 2006, Trevor was arrested near Grassy Narrows for charges related to an incident that occurred at the Six Nations Land Reclamation. For 5 months, he has been denied bail and no trial date has yet been set.

    Although masked as a criminal issue, Trevorís case is a political one. It is Canadaís continuing criminalization of resistance by Native people at Six Nations, and it is a case that challenges Canadaís colonial courts and their jurisdiction over Indigenous people. Also, the Crown has not provided a single piece of evidence which incriminated him even under their own colonial laws. The judge in his case, David Marshall, owns tracts of land on Six Nations territory and was noticeably biased against Six Nations people in earlier court hearings. On December 11th this same judge again denied bail to Trevor while he asked to be released to the Traditional Mohawk Council. The Mohawk Nation has never given up its rights as a sovereign nation. As a Mohawk of the Turtle Clan, Trevor is not being judged by his own people but instead by a foreign colonial institution that does not represent him or the Mohawk Nation.

    Trevorís case highlights the struggle that he is a part of at Six Nations. The dispute led to the land reclamation, over the construction of a housing development on Six Nations land, was not just an issue of defending land from development. It was an issue of who owned the land, and who was stealing it. It was and still is an issue of Indigenous sovereignty. Despite the fact that this tract of land is declared Six Nations territory in the legally binding Haldimand Treaty of 1784, Canada has continued to deny them their title over this area, and has refused to deal with Six Nations on a nation-to-nation basis, as Six Nations have never relinquished their sovereignty to Canada. As a sovereign people, this court case is a case of who has jurisdiction over Trevor Miller.

    Trevor was taken prisoner during an assault that Canada was making on Six Nations. From before its inception to today, the government of Canadaís ongoing war has continued against the many Indigenous nations that continue to exist and continue to fight for their land, their resources, and their sovereignty. Because of this and his 5 months behind bars without a hearing, he is a prisoner of war and a political prisoner being held by Canada.

    Supporting groups, members of the community, and the Traditional Mohawk Council have packed the courtroom for Trevorís bail hearings. Along with this, rallies outside courthouses and the Attorney Generalís office, as well as the prison where Trevor is currently being held, are all part of the work that people are doing to raise awareness about Trevorís case and to work for his freedom. We need to echo these demands from coast to coast and not let Trevor be a forgotten warrior left locked behind bars.

    You can also write Trevor directly at:

    Trevor Miller
    165 Barton street east
    Hamilton, Ontario
    L8L 2W6
    Range 5CR

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