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    The Struggle of the Social Movement Continues in El Salvador

    By José Angel*
    On July 24th and 25th, solidarity organizations in Canada joined together to condemn the repression and jailing of activists that occurred in Suchito, El Salvador on July 2nd. In Canada, activists protested in front of the El Salvadorian embassy and consulates in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. In Vancouver, representatives of different organizations demanded the immediate release of nine political prisoners held in El Salvador. They also protested the June 28th arrests of four community leaders in Tacuba, Ahuachapán, noting that this was a clear violation of human rights. In addition, they demanded the immediate withdrawal of the Antiterrorist Law which is used for the purpose of "contravening" the political constitution of El Salvador and international treaties on human rights of which the Salvadoran state is a signatory party. Representatives of more than seven organizations presented letters of protest and condemnation of the repression and the breaking of the peace accords to the consul general, to remind her of the serious social and economic crisis that El Salvador faces because of the neoliberal policies imposed by Yankee imperialism.

    Freedom of the Nine Political Prisoners Ordered

    The international pressure and protest rallies in El Salvador finally bore fruit and, after seven hours, on July 26th, the Specialized Court of San Salvador issued the order for freedom of the nine political prisoners. The prisoners had been detained since July 2nd, when they were arrested during a rally against the policy of Water Decentralization announced by ARENA.

    The Antiterrorist Law applied to the detainees is questioned by national and international organizations, since it is a law that limits the freedom of people to organize and protest.

    Thank-you to all the people and organizations who expressed their solidarity

    The community organization CRIPDES sends our most profound and sincere thanks to all those organizations and people at the national and international level, who, from wherever they were, carried out this hard task that they were called to do, accompanied us at every moment and gave noble examples of militant solidarity to obtain the freedom of all of our compañeros. Thanks to all for your solidarity. Now, our compañeros have been reunited with their families, with their friends, with their people, and with their town, and with the total certainty that they were never alone.

    Also, we want to inform you that the people who have regained their freedom will now have to observe the following measures:

    a. They must appear every 15 days before a Judge of Special Training who will review their case.

    b. They are prohibited from leaving the country without judicial authorization.

    c. They are prohibited from changing their residence without prior judicial notification and authorization.

    On the other hand, the court maintains the charges of terrorism against the thirteen released compañeros and maintains also that their case was handled competently. The judicial process will continue until the completion of a preliminary hearing in October. During that hearing, it will be decided whether the charges against our compañeros will be dropped or will continue to be processed.

    The Solidarity Coalition for a United Latin America Rejects Neoliberal Repression in Latin America

    The protest in front of the Salvadoran Consulate in Vancouver, organized by the Solidarity Coalition for a United Latin America, was carried out under our present campaign: the campaign against neoliberal repression in Latin America. We will continue organizing different activities in defense of human rights and against repression, because we believe that the use of the antiterrorist laws against social protests reveals the crumbling of democracy and a campaign of intimidation against social organizations. Also, the Executive Committee of the Solidarity Coalition for a United Latin America wants to extend a profound thanks to all the compañeros, friends, and organizations who made the protest in front of the Salvadoran consulate on July 25 possible.

    Unity, Struggle, Solidarity

    The Social Movement Grows and the Struggle Continues

    *Jose Angel
    Founding member of the musical group “Cutumay Camones de El Salvador”
    Activist, member, and organizer with the Solidarity Coalition for a United Latin America

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