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    MAWO Forum-Classes:
    No Effective Activism Without Political Education

    By Nita Palmer
    In April 2008, Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) launched a campaign of regular public forums and forum-classes on topics relevant to the antiwar movement today. These events are an important means to reach out to more people who are interested in learning about and discussing organizing against war and occupation, as well as an important tool for those of us who are already organizers within the antiwar movement to educate ourselves on the critical issues which the antiwar movement must address today.

    On April 9th, MAWO activists and organizers gathered in Joe’s Café on Commercial Drive to participate in the forum-class titled “Palestine: 60 Years of Struggle for Self-Determination”, presented by MAWO organizer Mike Chimenti. The forum-class was focused on the tightening down of the blockade and sanctions against the people of Gaza, and the heroic Palestinian resistance to 60 years of occupation by Israel.

    On April 18th, MAWO held a public forum at the Britannia Community Centre titled “Canada in Afghanistan: War, Occupation, and Extension”. MAWO executive committee member Nita Palmer presented on the destruction of Afghanistan by the occupation forces and the recent vote in Canada’s Parliament to extend the occupation of Afghanistan from 2009 to 2011. Ali Yerevani, political editor of the Fire This Time newspaper then outlined the why Afghanistan is important to the imperialist plan for war, occupation, and plunder of the resources and trade markets of the Middle East. The April 23rd MAWO forum class was presented by MAWO organizer and member of the Fire This Time Newspaper editorial board Thomas Davies. The class was titled “Sudan: Imperialists Open the Next Front in the New Era of War and Occupation”. With propaganda for an invasion of Sudan by UN forces growing every day, the antiwar movement must counter this with our own education in defence of the Sudanese people’s right to self-determination.

    “The Deepening Crisis in Afghanistan” was presented on May 7th by MAWO executive committee member Nita Palmer. She outlined the crisis for Afghans of destruction of their country by the occupation, and the crisis for the occupation forces of facing a popular resistance in Afghanistan which they have been unable to beat.

    As the ruling classes of Canada, the US and other imperialist countries continue their propaganda and drive for war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond, all peace and anti-war organizations must counter the lies and deception of the war makers with education and information of our own. MAWO’s forum-classes are an important weapon in the battle to build an antiwar movement to confront the new era of war and occupation.

    For dates, location, or more information on MAWO’s forums and forum-classes and other upcoming actions, please visit www.mawovancouver.org.

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