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    See You in Cuba

    A Poem By Alison Bodine
    See you in Cuba
    5 heroes returned

    10 years, 1 decade
    Denied embrace, or kiss
    Weddings and funerals
    Celebration, triumph

    Still given to so many
    Hope for Justice
    Undeniable strength and determination
    A promise of return

    By circumstance I counted tens of thousands of signatures
    Demanding your freedom
    From 78 Countries
    Mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, humans
    Different colors of paper, different sizes
    Decorated with personal notes
    Or filled with governmental identification numbers

    The White House may never accept
    Their true legitimacy
    But we will
    Because you said that even if there was one person
    Fighting for your freedom from the outside
    You would fight from within

    Pounding pavement
    In front of US Federal Courts
    Or other symbols of US Imperialism
    Demanding in so many languages
    For our 5 brothers
    We wage this battle together

    See you in Cuba
    5 heroes returned

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