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    A Message from René González - one of the 5 Cuban Heroes

    June 10, 2008

    Dear Friend:

    After almost 10 years of unjust imprisonment, justice seems more removed. The ruling of the court of appeals—so plagued with omissions and falsifications that at times it seems to be about another process— demonstrates once more that one cannot expect even the appearance of this judicial system applying its own laws.

    We have always counted on you for the morale that sustains us, on the support of our people and the affection of people like you, which has been bestowed upon us for all these years, attention that we have not even been able to reciprocate with in proper measure. These words do not aspire to do so, they are only an attempt to tell you: Thank you very much.

    It has been a privilege to count on you all this time, multiplied in thousands of letters, books, cards, prayers, good wishes, subscriptions or personal photographs. In these moments, in which we arise above the injustice and our commitment is much stronger, I rightfully think of you at this time and thank you.

    If in the past we did something to deserve this gift of solidarity and affection, rest assured that we will never stop struggling, and hopefully continue to merit that gift.

    An embrace,

    René González Sehwerert

    From the National Committee to Free the Cuban 5 website:

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