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    Fire This Time is Back!

    Dear Readers,

    We are happy to tell you that Fire This Time newspaper is back again on a regular basis. We are confident that with our new political and financial arrangement and new way of organizing our production process, we will be able to get this valuable revolutionary newspaper into your hands on time. Fire This Time ceased to publish for the last couple of months due mainly to financial problems. Since the first time that this newspaper came out in February 2003, we have been struggling with financing Fire This Time. We have always relied on the generous contributions of our supporters and readers. We have never received even one cent from any mainstream, progressive, or other institution. This was an ambitious project, with grassroots support and thousands of hours of volunteer work. We did not wish anybody to impose their agendas on us in exchange for their money. However, we must confess that while we were good political activists and publishers, we were lousy financial managers. Nevertheless, we have learned from all these years and we are certain our new way of management will enable us to put out Fire This Time regularly.

    Fire This Time is a revolutionary newspaper. By revolutionary we mean we are against capitalism and imperialism and for a revolutionary change, for a classless society, for a society based on the principle of ‘from everyone according to their ability and to everyone according to their need’. We are for a better world and in order to reach that goal we believe in and participate in what Fidel Castro called the Battle of Ideas.

    We have taken a side in the battle between dark forces and the forces of humanity. We are objective in the sense that we do not reject reality, but we are against the order of the current reality. We are for fundamental change. Thus, Fire This Time is a platform to reflect, to advocate for and to create a vision for this vital change. Humanity is on the verge of total collapse - and we can change it. The potential, capacity and capability of human beings is high, but it is shown contempt by the forces of capital and its war machine. No conscious men and women in this world can be indifferent to this near apocalypse.

    Fire This Time newspaper does not represent its editorial board. Fire This Time in fact represents a new effort within the working class movement for a revolutionary change. Thus, it is not just a newspaper to reflect leftist ideas –whatever this so called left means today - it is an organizer of an attempt or if you will a revolutionary project building called Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice. This is the backbone of a movement which is run by dozens of political activists who are workers, students and oppressed nationalities whose average age is about 25 years old. Although small right now, in reality Fire This Time is related and connected to hundreds of thousands of anti-capitalist forces whose struggles are reflected in the pages of Fire This Time. This is not just a lonesome voice on the internet without real roots, with a bunch of heavy duty “Marxists” acting like lonely generals looking for an army in their subjective world of cyberspace in their desperate battle for political survival. This is a newspaper by fighters in action for fighters in action.

    Fire This Time newspaper was born out of necessity. We were active in various movements with different newspapers and newsletters. In a certain period of time in Vancouver around 2002-2003, radical movement came to a stall and young activists – not from the far left or traditional left - developed many disagreements. What was so significant was that the majority of these non-traditional activists lost their revolutionary perspective. Fire This Time came out of that era of splits and fragmentation. We, a group of political activists who believed in a revolutionary perspective, decided to publish this newspaper. We did not publish Fire This Time because we wanted to be different and distinguished, like many petty bourgeois political tendencies. It was a necessity. We first looked around to join any existing political tendency that could present our vision. After many considerations and looking more carefully into what we wanted to achieve in the long run and looking into the potential and actual capacity of the left as a whole, we decided to go ahead with our own political tendency. Not because we had better ideas for building a revolutionary movement, but we did not see any viable left to join or to have them as our vanguard. The most important decision we have made, though, was that like Fidel, Che, Raul and the Cuban revolutionaries, we would build this movement BY SETTING AN EXAMPLE in action and leadership, not by opposing and fighting with other political tendencies – something that is customary in the leftist movement.

    In our short history we have had a lot of support and encouragement. Many working class fighters, leftists of all kinds, intellectuals, workers, unemployed people, long-time activists and those new in politics, young people and old have all seriously encouraged us and asked us to continue. A kind reader said once, “this is the only paper that has the guts to say the truth with no other agenda”. However, the most encouraging support came from the streets, where our writers, supporters and allies distributed more than 150,000 papers, in addition to 50,000 distributed in the marches and rallies, political events and by mailing. We are also proud to have attracted many political writers and analysts from all over Canada, the US and Europe, as well as from our great revolutionary nation, Cuba. This issue is a good example of that.

    Fire This Time is back. We are back firmly and determined to get the paper out regularly and be in constant communication and connection with you, our great readers.

    If you believe we are doing a good job; if you believe what we are doing and what we are saying and claiming is the same; if you think it is worth it to support this little revolutionary newspaper, then we would like to appeal for your financial help. We assure you that you are our reason for existence and we depend solely on you. Thank you.

    For a Better World,
    Fire This Time newspaper editorial board

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