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    Activists Form A Coalition To Oppose Right-Wing Coup in Honduras

    By Andrew Barry

    The June 28th coup d’état in Honduras that overthrew the democratically elected government of President Manuel Zelaya was a severe attack on the struggles and gains of poor people in Honduras and throughout Latin America. In Vancouver, Canada more than 25 Latin American organizations, solidarity groups, antiwar organizations and political parties formed a committee to protest and expose this right-wing attack.

    The coalition, the Committee in Solidarity with the People of Honduras, formed under the simple yet strong banner of “Unite Against the Coup in Honduras”. Young and old, experienced and new to politics, this committee brought out a diverse mix of people, Latin American and non-Latin American who opposed this right-wing coup and wanted to express solidarity with the Honduran people.

    July 4th Action
    The first protest rally organized in Vancouver against the coup took place less than one week after the undemocratic removal of Honduran president Zelaya. Social justice loving people, from all communities and nationalities, were infuriated and gathered in downtown Vancouver to demand the immediate return of Manuel Zelaya. Protesters also condemned the repression of the coup government against the Honduran people and the kidnapping and beating of the Venezuelan and Cuban ambassadors to Honduras.

    July 11th Action
    The second action organized was a “United Rally Against the Coup in Honduras!” This demonstration opened the space for Hondurans, Latin Americans, and many other people to express their outrage at the illegal and unconstitutional removal of President Zelaya. This protest came almost one week after a massive protest at the main Honduran airport where President Zelaya unsuccessfully attempted to return to Honduras, but was blocked from doing so by the coup military forces.

    July 19th Action
    A week later, on July 19th, a third protest took place in Vancouver, this time with an even stronger presence. Under the 32 degree heat over 250 activists and concerned human loving people held signs, banners, and chanted slogans against the coup. This was especially stronger because of the performance by the revolutionary band, Lloviznando Cantos, direct from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. They performed several solidarity songs, including a new song specifically condemning the coup in Honduras. Lloviznando Cantos’ set paid a tribute to the people of Honduras for their continuous daily struggle against the coup plotters. The band was enthusiastically received by the crowd as well as from people passing by who stopped to listen to the music and get more information on the crisis in Honduras.

    July 31st Event
    After three demonstrations on the streets of Vancouver, the Committee in Solidarity with the People of Honduras called for a public forum to discuss the crisis in Honduras. The forum, “Honduras After the Coup: Challenges and Perspectives,” took place on July 31st at the Chilean Housing Co-Op. This event gave a chance for organizers and solidarity activists to speak more in depth about the significance of the coup in Honduras. Speakers also opened discussion on the history of US backed coup d’états in Latin America, and how this one in Honduras is no different.

    Down with Coup D’état!
    Nearly two months have passed since the US-backed right-wing coup in Honduras overthrew President Zelaya. The people of Honduras show no signs of slowing down on their daily actions against this unjust coup regime. Hondurans have led daily protests, unions have gone on strikes, factories shut down, and highways and transportation routes have been blocked, all in an effort to weaken this coup government. These heroic actions have been met with repression, killings, thousands of arrests, and night time curfews by the coup regime. In Vancouver, the Committee in Solidarity with the People of Honduras will continue to demonstrate and organize against the right-wing coup. All peace loving people should join this international struggle in solidarity with the Honduran people who have heroically demonstrated to the world their consistent and uncompromising call for justice, and for the restoration of their elected President.


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